After reading this article  27 People Confess To The “Fattest Thing” They’ve Ever Done , I want to share my story: I had just came home ...

Confession #1

After reading this article 27 People Confess To The “Fattest Thing” They’ve Ever Done, I want to share my story:
I had just came home from having a late dinner and was awfully tired.  I seen some leftover pizza on the table and was enticed by the greasy box and the smell of cold cheese.  This was the point where I should have gone to bed, but I just had to have it!  So I grabbed a slice and ran to my room.  The events that happened next were a big blur; however, when I awoke the tv was on, there was a half eaten slice of pizza in my hand, and a half chewed piece in my mouth.  Yes, I fell asleep mid chew.  Don’t worry, I still finished whatever was left, even the piece in my mouth…
This is really why I struggled with my weight.  I didn’t use food as it’s meant: to supply your body with the energy needed to carry out your day.  Food to me was something to be conquered whether it be how fast I could eat or how much I could eat.  My family used to say, “Going to the buffet isn’t worth our money unless Kathy comes”.  It was funny then but to think of it now, I did not accomplish anything by gorging myself.  Food had conquered me, taken over my mind, and moved into my body.
I knew I had to change the relationship I had with food.  The most important was recognizing the signs of hunger and fullness.  I never ate until I wasn’t hungry, it was always to the point where I couldn’t even keep the food down.  The next was building my will to say no.  It was easy to say no when someone else would offer me food because I would be too ashamed to eat anymore.  The hardest part was saying no to myself.
Self discipline.  I had none of that when it came to food.  The one thing that helped a lot was keeping myself busy.  When I was doing things I enjoyed, I didn’t have the urge to open the fridge.  Scheduling my day so that I had a list of things to do helped me become more organized and my meals became more regular.  I found an active lifestyle made food taste better oddly, like my body deserved the food.
I write this as a reminder to myself as to why I had to make a change in my life.  Unlike people relationships, I can’t dump food and never see it again.  Healthy relationships lead to happy people.  But, a treat once in awhile keeps life interesting :)
And as a Flashback Friday, I’ll throw it back 5 years with this:

So what's the fattest thing you've ever done?

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