Read this tutorial on my new website!   I recently posted this  template  for an origami tree pop up card and wanted to share how m...

TUTORIAL Kirigami Tree Forest Pop Up Card (Pic + Video)


Read this tutorial on my new website! 

I recently posted this template for an origami tree pop up card and wanted to share how make it.


  • Printed template
  • Cardstock
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue

I start but printing the template out.  You can re-size the image to your liking.

Start by taping the template onto cardstock or any thick paper you have.  I like to de-stick my tape by dabbing it on the back of my hand a couple of times, this ensures my cardstock won't peel off with the tape once I'm done cutting.

Using a ruler and an x-acto knife I like to cut all the straight edges first.
I like to cut the easiest thing first tehehee

I then move on to scoring the dotted lines. Scoring the lines ahead of time make folding the card a lot easier.
The most difficult part in my opinion is cutting out the island pieces. They tend to be a bit finicky and if you don't have a sharp x-acto like I do, you'll need to retrace your cuts.  I like to flip to the cardstock side and retrace the cuts there - this just ensures I don't double cut.
Island pieces are the pieces that are not connected to the main piece

Switching to good old pair of scissors makes cutting the rest of the template a breeze.
Along the scored lines, fold the pieces upward, respectively.  I find folding the shortest sections first the easiest.  Then fold the base piece upwards as well.
Grab another piece of cardstock, fold it in half and glue the tree cut out along the centre fold line.

Let the glue dry and give your card a test run. Close it and open it to see if everything pops up as it's supposed to.  It takes some precision to get it just right but the end result is magnificent.

Happy crafting :)

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